Revenge wears many faces … but what if it’s someone you know? In a small town in Northeast Ohio the body of Alice Panabaker, a former Kirtland resident, is found gruesomely murdered lying alongside the banks of a river with her head under water. This will be the terrifying calling card of the Kirtland Killer, who has other women on his list.

The police and detectives are unable to find a clue, not a fingerprint, not even a hair. As the detectives struggle to build a profile, another young woman is found murdered in similar conditions. The two murders seem connected. Both women were strangled and both found laying alongside a river. Another similarity, both women were cheerleaders on the same squad. The police discover there are three other former cheerleaders still living in the area. Are their lives in danger and if so, why? What dark secrets will be exposed and who is responsible for these murders?

One thing is for sure, though, some things can’t stay hidden in the past forever.